Tuesday January 1, 1918 Paducah Evening Sun

 New Year’s Day brought the inauguration of regular freight trains service by the CB &Q Railroad (Burlington) between Paducah and E. St. Louis, Ill. over the new $4,000,000 bridge at Metropolis. Announcement of the running of freight trains regularly over the bridge was made yesterday afternoon by J. K. Mack, of Paducah, commercial agent for the CB & Q and, according to him, it is intended to use the bridge from now on because of this important outlet between the north and south.

 Until the bridge is finally completed, trains will not be allowed to run over five miles per hour over the structure. The first train in regular service crossed the bridge shortly after midnight. It was train No. 70 leaving E. St. Louis at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon arid arriving at Paducah at 2 o’clock this morning. The first train to leave Paducah for E. St. Louis departed at 3:15 o’clock this’- morning and is due to reach E. St. Louis at 9 o’clock tonight. The crew for this train came over from Metropolis yesterday afternoon.

 There are two trains daily out of Paducah and two trains daily into Paducah and the bridge is being thrown open for regular freight service. Paducah will be the terminal point instead of Metropolis. The tracks of the Paducah and Illinois and the NC & St L will be used and engines will be kept in the NC & St L roundhouse here. With Paducah the terminal point and the E. St. Louis division, twenty families will move to Paducah to make their homes.

 Not before the riveting of the last bolt in the bridge has been made will passenger trains service be inaugurated. This is expected to take place in April. By that time work is expected to start on the big passenger and freight depots at Second and Washington streets. Contractor Bell Gardner has already began work of clearing away the property for the terminal tracks. Special instruction concerning the bridge and the Burlington trains have teen issued, northbound trains are superior to southbound trains of the same class. All trains must approach the Metropolis Bridge under full control to stop if a track or route is not seen to be clear. Trains must not exceed five miles per hour over the bridge and will-not use less than twenty minutes running time between the CB & Q junction and the Bridge junction. -

Following is the time table of freight service as announced by Mr. Mack.
  Train No. 70 leaves E. St. Louis at 1 PM daily; arrives Paducah at 2 AM;
  Train No. 72 leaves E. St. Louis at 9:30 PM; arrives at Paducah at 10:45 AM.
  Train No. 73 leaves Paducah at 3:15 AM; arrives at E. St. Louis at 9:00 PM.
  Train No. 71 leaves Paducah at 5:15 PM; arrives at E. St. Louis at 6:20 A.M.

August 31, 1911 Paducah Evening Sun

Construction work on the Burlington incline on the Metropolis wharf has been started by the officials. It is expected that the incline will be completed in a short time and will be used to transfer cars during the fall rush of business. The river track branches from the site of the proposed bridge which is west of Metropolis. The tracks extend below the IC tracks for the entire length of the wharf. The incline begins and descends to the river near the Rhampendahl factory which is east of the Metropolis wharf.

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